Monday, February 11, 2013

Peachy Keen

Well, I've gone and done it.  I've been seeing so many people use Peachy Keen stamps in their craft projects that I went ahead and purchased a few small sets to play around with.  I'm absolutely blown away by their quality!!!  I assumed they would be like all the other clear/cling/acrylic stamps that I own, but they are stiffer, more solid, and I like it!  I'm super impressed and I'm sure I'll be picking up more in the future. 
Here they are:
 PK-294 The Cornies 1 1/8"
PK-162 Fruit Sentiments ONE
PK-943 Funshine Face Parts

I'm going to say right now that I wish I had ordered the Funshine Face Parts in a larger size, but oh well!

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