Thursday, January 31, 2013

Pup Silhouettes

This is what I have made for my Dad's birthday.  These silhouettes are of our 2 family dogs.  Mackenzie on the left and Bain in the middle and on the right.  Mack is no longer with us.  I originally did a set of silhouettes just like the 2 on the left (the "head shots") for my sister's birthday.  They went over really well.  In fact, it made her cry.  Dad teared up as well.  My Mom saw his reaction and later made a special request that I make him a set for his birthdayI used the Fiskars Swivel Fingertip Detail Knife which did incredibly well on the curves and tight spots.  That was a good purchase.
Right to left: Mack, Bain, Bain again
I haven't decided if I want to go with the Bain in the middle or on the right.  I may just let Dad decide.  I need to pick up a side-by-side frame still.

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